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Casino Bonuses

As online gambling is a relatively new business that brought new excitement to players, it proved its popularity as a multi-billion business that has been and continues to be, a source of excitement for people the world over. A bonus knows no bounds relating to gender or status in life and the large selection of online casinos, bonuses, and range of games became an instant online attraction and still attract those with a love of gambling.

Below we outline the different bonuses that are most common. This is an excellent base for you to use to help you understand each and their value to you as a player.

Different Online Casino Bonuses - Harness the Power!

No Deposit Bonuses

This is the safest and simplest of all bonuses that come without obligation upon registration. You are not required to make a deposit in order to receive the bonus, and it is usually credited to your account instantly. Some casinos do apply limitations on the winnings and the maximum you can withdrawal, there it is advisable that you educate yourself with the rules and regulations of each individual offer.

Match Bonuses

This bonus comes into play when making a deposit at the casino of his choice. The bonus is normally rewarded when a new players sign up and make the first deposit. The new players match bonuses can also be split up over, up to 6 first deposits. The most popular offer normally starts from 100% match up bonus, which means when the player deposits $100 he receives another $100 in bonus money. The player would then have a total of $200 to enjoy on games of his choice.

Free Money Bonuses

Again, this is a popular option for new players who are ready to make their first deposit. For example, the casino might offer an amount of $80 and offer it on any deposit of $20 upwards. In this case, a player will get the fixed amount of $80 whether he deposits the minimum required deposit or $20 or $100, the bonus for both deposits will stay $80.  On a deposit of $20, it would mean the player receives a bonus of 400% if the fixed deposit was offered at $80.

Sticky Bonuses

These bonuses are offered to players, but they are excluded in the withdrawal options. It basically offers the player free money to play with but when the player decides to withdrawal their winnings the initial sticky bonus amount will be subtracted from the player’s payout. Some casinos offer up to $3000 in this option, which allows the player the freedom to play on maximum bet options with much higher payout ratio’s to hit real big wins.

Exclusive Bonuses

These bonuses are normally tied to the specific website, which means the casino made an exclusive deal with the website owner to promote both his site and the casino. The bonuses normally are based on one of the variant options that includes free bonuses, sticky bonuses or match-up bonuses.

Loyalty Bonuses 

Loyalty bonuses are the casino's way of rewarding their loyal players, and it is normally offered exclusively to players who have reached a certain level or status at the casino. The loyalty bonus or percentage normally offered will increase with the different levels. For example, a large selection of casinos offer bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels and each of the levels offers a higher loyalty bonus.

The Power of a Casino Bonus

Online casino bonuses are a powerful tool for those who enjoy casino games. The advantage given as a result ensures an increase in your bankroll and the ability to increase your profits. When accepting a bonus, take the time to understand the T&C's In doing so, you will save yourself time when ready to withdrawal your winnings. Remember, the games you will find online are among the best in the world. Whether a fan of slots, table game, liver dealer or any others, the opportunities presented are endless.