Galactic Speedway Slot Review Booming produced slot Galactic Speedway online review by Big Bonus Slots on February 10, 2018

Galactic Speedway slot machine Review

Galactic Speedway review by Angie Simmons February 10, 2018

The Galactic Speedway slot machine, an exciting 16 line, 4 reel slot machine. Playing this well crafted outer space adventure theme video slot machine brings a ton of enjoyment by displaying graphics such as ray gun, motorcycle, jacket and purple glasses. Additionally you will notice blue, orange and violet suns that add the feeling of this nicely done outer space adventure video slot machine. Betting on Galactic Speedway is quite simple, allowing an initial minimum wager of $0.03 all the way to $48, this offers a chance for you to play at your preferred amount. An insane pay out will use more than one wild symbols in the pay line. The scatter icons found in Galactic Speedway are special, these rocket and galaxys are not required to fall on a single to win. You will notice that on many of games having more than two scatters usually starts a bonus. We can recommend other online games like Sweet Emojis as it has the 4 reels like Galactic Speedway, some others like Shark Meet and Galactic Speedway are enjoyable also. Many of Booming online slot machines like Galactic Speedway interact the same so play some other slots as well.

My Galactic Speedway Opinion

Galactic Speedway is a good slot, the outer Space Adventure design along with the ray gun, motorcycle, jacket and purple glasses is well designed and the pay outs seem decent. Some other Video Slots like Goal share a lot of the identical game play. Like all the other games there is a good chance of cashing out big but in the end all slots favor the house.

The Galactic Speedway bonus games

Playing Galactic Speedway offers a powerful way to collect large sums of credits, this is accomplished by getting a bonus feature win. Following is the information on the extras you can win. A Rotator Feature is begun once you achieve two or more galaxy scatter symbols, this feature seems to produce quite good. I love the Galactic Speedway Free Spins Bonus as well as the pay outs it generates. This starts once you get three or more rocket symbols scattered on the reels. As with most features, the Galactic Speedway bonuses is where you can really score the serious bonus win. The chance that it is possible to win so much more than bet is the best part of bonus features.