Berry Berry Bonanza Slot Review created on classic fruit, the video slot Berry Berry Bonanza online video slot Berry Berry Bonanza

Berry Berry Bonanza slot Review

Berry Berry Bonanza review by Angie Simmons May 2, 2018

While reviewing a slot machine such as Berry Berry Bonanza, we take into consideration quite a bit of data. Mainly we point out that the slot machine has 9 pay lines along with 5 reels. This classic Fruit themed video slot brings hours of Thrills by utilizing icons including strawberry, grapes, purple, berry, raspberry. Additionally you will see red currant, blueberries, cranberries, elderberry, goji berry and blackberries that add the feeling of this simple but good classic fruit video slot. Berry Berry Bonanza gives you the option of wagering for a minumum of just $0.01 on a spin. Also, you can also use all 9 lines to wager a bet as large as $9. An insane win will consist of multiple wilds in the final tally. Notice the scatter icon from Berry Berry Bonanza the lucky Red Seven, these symbols pay out if you have multiples on the slot machine. These unique images do not have to be on the same payline to be activated. You will notice that on a lot of games three or more scatter symbols usually starts a slot feature game. We can point to other slots like $5 Million Winning Streak as it has 9 lines also, some others including Beach Life and The Three Muskateers are fun as well. Many of Playtech online games like Berry Berry Bonanza interact similarly so play some other slots as well.

Final thoughts on Berry Berry Bonanza

Along with other 5 reel online slot machines, the Berry Berry Bonanza slot is fun to play. The Playtech developers put in a lot of work to make this game a fun time. With icons like red currant, blueberries, cranberries, elderberry, goji berry and blackberries can place you into the classic fruit experience. This game kept me spinning the reels for a long time just because it is entertaining.